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Our Services

Legal Nurse Consulting

We improve efficiency and quality of case development, which reduces litigation costs.

We assist attorneys in understanding standards of care with an in-depth approach, allowing them to focus more on the legal aspects of the case.

Our services make workloads more manageable, thereby decreasing stress levels and allowing attorneys more time to develop their cases.


Medical Consulting

Provide knowledge to health care providers and patients regarding how to improve the quality of health and health care relations.

Educate medical providers regarding documentation and communication in order to improve quality of care, build better health care relationships, and prevent litigation.

Guide patients in increasing their knowledge of disease process and health maintenance, which improves patient confidence, participation in health care, and overall heath status.

Deliver services for patient education, allowing heath care providers more time to focus on critical details of patient care.

Expert Witness Location

We locate highly qualified experts who support cases with authoritative testimony. All experts are up to date in required medical and academic fields.

Some examples include: Radiology, Surgery, Critical Care Specialties, Adults, Pediatrics, Nursing, Pharmacology and Pharmaceuticals, Therapy Servics, and more.

Our services decrease the time and money attorneys spend on expert witness location and associated services.

We act as a liaison between the attorney and expert and facilitate communications.

We provide several options for attorneys to decide which expert they feel best fits their case.

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